Midwest Preferred Mutual
The mission of Midwest Preferred Mutual Insurance Company is to provide insurance protection for the owners of farms, homes and personal property in the state of Missouri for a reasonable price. This was the purpose for the founding of the company in 1893 and it will continue to be our goal into the future. We have the authority by state law (Chapter 380) and our articles of incorporation to operate throughout the state of Missouri.

Grinnell Mutual
Our Farm-Guard® policy has been protecting farmers and ranchers like you for the past 40 years. Available from your farm or county mutual, it was one of the first farm liability insurance policies on the market.  Farm-Guard is there to protect you should an accident, injuries, or claims of negligence arise as a result of your farming operations.

Missouri Farm and Home of Ray County
Based in Richmond, MO

North Missouri Mutual

Cain Insurance Agency, L.L.C.
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Cain Insurance Agency, L.L.C.